How to Install Kotlin Language on Arch/Manjaro Linux

For installation of Kotlin language on Arch-based Linux. first, you have to install the yay package manager.

Arch Linux

Install yay in Arch/Manjaro Linux

Installation of Yay and Helper on Arch Linux and Manjaro. First, log in as the sudo user and run the following command to download the git package.

These steps require a base development package and a git package to build and install. Open a terminal and run the following command. Enter the administrator password when prompted.

sudo pacman -S base-devel git

Install yay Package

I used the static version for this guide. Now go to the "/ opt" directory and clone the git repository.

cd /opt && sudo git clone

Change the owner of the source directory. Replace "username" with your own username.

sudo chown -R username:username ./yay

Now, Go to the directory and compile.

cd yay && makepkg -si

Yay Is Installed

yay -Syu

Install Kotlin on arch Linux

Now the installation of kotlin is easy with yay package manager. Just copy and paste following comand on terminal

yay -S kotlin

That's it, Now Kotlin is installed on the Linux system.